Streamline your sales with

Check-in and Sales Kiosks for Dispensaries

Streamline your sales with Green Kiosks

Check-in and Sales Kiosks for Dispensaries

Check-in Sales Kiosks  

Simplify Check-in and Sales for Every Customer

Kiosk features and benefits include:

  • Automates the customer sales process
  • 49” touchscreen monitor
  • Enjoyable and consistent sales and service experience
  • Increases sales by reducing lines
  • Data posts to Dispensary’s POS in real-time
  • Promotes safety through social distancing

Cashiering Kiosks  

A Fast and Simple Way of Taking Payments 

Kiosk features and benefits include:

  • Automates the payment process
  • Accepts checks, debit and credit cards, or cash – and makes change to the penny
  • Customers can consult live with your customer service team via video chat
  • Interface available in both English and Spanish
  • Creates custom printed, email, or text receipts
  • Armored car cash collection
  • Includes complete warranty and service plans

Mobile App Development  

An App Made for Your Dispensary

Mobile App features and benefits include:

  • Sell your products through your app
  • Highlight preferred products & categories
  • Mobile notifications & reminders
  • In-app chat
  • Points/rewards program
  • Boost customer satisfaction

ATM-Based Payment Kiosks  

Process Cash with Ease

Our cashiering kiosks process all cash payments and make change to the penny. Your store can process all cash payments for online and in-store assisted orders in under 60 seconds!

Even better, you will now have the ability to pay employees or vendors in cash, which reduces bank balances and fees.

Our reconciliation reporting and dashboard analytics provide a 360-view of your business in real-time, all from the convenience of your phone.

All Green Kiosks are built on a proven ATM platform to provide the ultimate safety and security for your customers and employees. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Green Kiosks Now!

Change to the penny

Safe & Secure

ID Scanner
Dashboard Analytics
Website Driven Menu
Reconciliation Report
Customer Identification services

Driver’s License
Verification Services

Our payment kiosks can also scan, verify and store each customer’s driver’s license to further reduce the time and costs associated in admitting customers into your storefront.