Green Kiosks Partners with Adilas for Dispensary Payment Kiosks

Aug 13, 2020

Green Kiosks, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company (“Green Kiosks”), a leader in cashering kiosk services, has partnered with Adilas For Business LLP doing business in Colorado as Adilas, a leader in customizable, dynamic software solutions, to deliver a comprehensive cash management solution for the cannabis dispensary industry.

Green Kiosks use driver’s license scanning technology to simplify the customer check-in process. Each of the multilingual Green Kiosks are built on a proven ATM platform that accepts cash payments and is able to make change to the penny. Online payment reporting services help automate the cash reconciliation process so employees will never have to touch cash again.  A client dashboard provides a 360-view of business results through real-time graphs and reporting services.

Key Features & Functionality:

  • ATM functionality
  • Cash and card payments
  • Change to the penny for cash payments
  • Multi-note bill acceptor and bill validator
  • Check-in services
  • Driver’s license and barcode scanner
  • Custom receipts
  • Real-time dashboard analytics
  • Integrated and stand-alone reporting
  • English/Spanish
  • Outdoor model available

To watch a short demo, please click here

About Green Kiosks

Green Kiosks makes it easy for businesses to serve their customers on-site and online with convenient payment kiosks for medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Green Kiosks bring transparency to legal, cash-intensive businesses that increase customer satisfaction while driving dispensary throughput. The intuitive platform streamlines accounting efficiency, eliminates employees touching cash and promotes a safe workplace.

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About Adilas 

Adilas offers customizable software as a service for any company, large or small, with a one-stop solution for all your data needs. We don’t just offer systems, we offer SOLUTIONS! For the cannabis industry, we offer both a production and cultivation interface rolled into one powerful package. With our highly customizable software, Adilas can adapt to any corporation’s workflow.

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