Tips for Improving Your Dispensary During COVID-19

Jan 12, 2021

Dispensaries have experienced many ups and downs in 2020, from the pandemic restricting the number of customers allowed in their businesses to a positive of more states voting to legalize cannabis in November. Fortunately, various states had considered medical marijuana dispensaries (and even many recreational marijuana dispensaries) to be an essential business during the pandemic and allowed them to remain open even when other businesses closed their doors. Here are few tips to keep improving your dispensary during these uncertain times.

Accept cash payments

Some dispensaries offer only credit card payments; however, many customers don’t like being forced to use a credit card at a dispensary and prefer to pay cash for anonymity. They would rather not have a financial record of their purchase. Privacy experts even recommend using cash versus credit when making cannabis purchases. It’s easy to install a kiosk that can handle cash and accept payments for you to satisfy some customers’ privacy concerns.

Provide socially-distanced purchasing options

Having contactless, socially-distanced purchasing options for customers is essential during these times. Customers don’t want to be close to other people in public, and your dispensary can keep both your employees and customers safe with some easy improvements. Give your customers the option to search on their own for their purchase using a tablet or kiosk without contacting an employee. Another helpful tip for socially-distanced purchasing options is offering an order-ahead choice for customers and providing curbside pickup. Some dispensaries have even set up a delivery option, which has seen good results. David Farris, VP of sales and marketing at a dispensary that offers delivery options, said, “We saw a huge spike in our online orders, and we had to convert a massive part of our team to the delivery department.”

Be ready for change

The cannabis industry is changing fast in many respects. From a legal perspective, more states continue to legalize medical and recreational use of marijuana, which means the industry’s landscape is constantly changing with every new recommendation and law relating to cannabis use. The United Nations even rescheduled cannabis, which, while mostly symbolic, bolsters sales in the cannabis industry. Another aspect of change that’s important for your dispensary to prepare for is the ever-shifting situation surrounding the pandemic. Have various options for customers ready and in-place as the situation changes. Some states are implementing stay-at-home orders again, while in many states, dispensaries are allowed to remain open. Your dispensary must be able to pivot in this fast-changing environment. What’s most important is adapting to your customer’s changing needs during COVID as the situation changes every day.

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